The Worst Foods for Your Teeth

What foods cause cavities?

“Dental decay, unlike many other medical conditions, is a completely preventable. One of the major causes of decay are foods containing sugar and acids. I’m going to give you a few obvious foods and drinks that cause dental decay and a few that you probably didn’t expect!” explained us dentist in London Dr Sundeep Rooprai.

Number 1 on most peoples list. Coke can be found everywhere and is the common beverage of choice. Coke contains a lot of sugar and is very acidic. This damaging to the enamel and is the number

Sweets and chocolates
Kids (and many adults) cannot resist the sweet temptation of a sugary snack throughout the day. The high sugar content inside these foods makes them a common cause of cavities.


Yes, fruit! Fruit is good for you but did you know that they also high in natural sugar and acids. Especially citrus fruits such as oranges. The acids can wear away your enamel and result in cavities.

Everybody needs a healthy start to the day. Many cereals especially children cereals contain a lot of sugar. For example – Crunchy Nut or Golden Grahams have added to sugar, which is very harmful to the teeth.

Polo mints
I have seen many cases of patients who like to keep a Polo mint in their mouth throughout the day to help ease a dry mouth or to freshen the breath. These mints contain a lot of sugar, which as they melt constantly puts your teeth under attack resulting in cavities

Like fruit, many juices are either high in natural fruit sugar or the worse ones have added sugar on top. Stay clear of these such as mango juice and pineapple juice.

Tomato ketchup
Yes, not many people know, but everyone’s favourite condiment of choice has very high sugar content. Next time you reach for the ketchup. DON’T!

I hope you have a few tips from the above and if you need any specific advice then catch me at, and I would be happy to help! Good luck with the healthy eating!

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