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How often should I visit a dentist?

Generally speaking, the lower your chance of dental problems, the longer you possibly can wait before your next check-up. Lots of people believe that dental check-ups should be done once every six months, but the truth is that most people need to go more often than that, while others will probably need to go less…

How long does a root canal treatment take?

The patients usually are curious how long a root canal takes to finish. It really is perceived as a lengthy, drawn-out, highly uncomfortable treatment, while actually, it’s usually no more uncomfortable than having a filling or a crown. Learn more about this procedure from Dr Rushil at Shades Clinic.

Is flossing important?

For years dentists have recommended flossing as an extremely important part of oral hygiene. But how effective is it really? The right flossing removes plaque and food particles in places exactly where a toothbrush cannot easily reach — under the gumline and between your teeth. Watch the short video about flossing from Dr Huda Jawad.

How long are fillings supposed to last?

The life-span of dental fillings varies according to what kind of material is used to fill the cavity. Some last much longer than others. Some possess other positive aspects to them besides lasting a long time. Check your best dental options with Dr Saeid at Shades Clinic.

Can I change the colour of my teeth?

Do you know that yellow is the new black – when you think about the smile – meaning that the colour is likely to get you blacklisted. Despite the fact you may think you never judge a book by its cover, in reality, people tend to make reflexive assumptions about others based on external components…

Would extraction be a better alternative?

Experiencing toothache and considering tooth removal? Despite the fact permanent teeth can last a lifetime, teeth that have become damaged or decayed may need to be removed or extracted. Is it always necessary? Check your best options with Dr Rushil at Shades Clinic.

How dentists compare braces versus Invisalign?

What’s the difference between popular choices like traditional metal braces and clear braces from Invisalign? While both braces and Invisalign can help straighten teeth, they each have advantages and disadvantages. Listen to Dr Adnan Aslam and check your best options at Shades Clinic.

What do I do to get rid of bad breath?

Smell plays an essential role in social interaction. Bad breath is very public as it takes place in social circumstances. Unpleasant mouth odour cannot be held and can be very offensive to partners, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. The most well-known cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Bacteria that build up on your teeth…

Are amalgam fillings dangerous?

One of the most bothering issues in dentistry today spins around the use of silver fillings known as amalgam in our mouths. Mercury is a naturally occurring substance, found in air, water, and soil. It also is found in dental amalgam fillings. Mercury, used in dental amalgam, has been linked to many health problems, but…

What is Invisalign

When most of us think of the braces, we picture a person with an ugly network of metal wires crisscrossing his teeth. Probably you heard those brace-ist nicknames such: Brace Face Metal Mouth Train Tracks Tinsel Teeth Magnet Mouth Cheese Grater Tin Grin Zipper Lips Food Processor What about if you decide you would like…

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