Fair pricing

At Shades Clinics we offer open, honest pricing. Prices below are a guidance and may change from case to case, however the differences will not be significant.

New Patient Examination£54.00
Existing Patient Examination£44.00
Digital low dose x-ray small£15.00
Orthodontic and bonding consultation£50.00
*Children under age of 18free
Relief from dental pain
Emergency appointment (new patients)£95.00
Emergency appointment (existing patients)£54.00
Out of hours emergency call out fee£350.00
Prescription & Medication£20.00
Preventative care
Intensive oral hygiene instructions£22.00
Fissure sealant – Price is fixed for both Adults and under 18s£108.00
Hygiene clean£75.00
Air polish and stain removal£95.00
Tooth repair – Fixing decayed broken or worn teeth
Tooth Coloured Filling – 1 SurfaceFrom £175
Tooth Coloured Filling – 2+ SurfacesFrom £195
Silver metal filling, 1 surfaceFrom £155
Silver metal filling, 2+ surfaceFrom £175
Fluoride releasing fillingFrom £60
All Ceramic CrownFrom £800
VeneerFrom £800
Composite VeneerFrom £300
BridgeFrom £800 per unit
Composite BondingFrom £249
Root canal treatment
1 canal – incisor front teeth£445.00
2 canal – premolar middle teeth£545.00
3+ canal – molar back teeth£645.00
Re-root canal treatmentFrom £745
Tooth removal
Simple removal£220.00
Surgical removal£270.00
Wisdom tooth removal (surgical)£350.00
Tooth replacement
Maryland bridgeFrom £950
Digital Denture Scan (Denture fee on top)£300
Partial acrylic plastic dentureFrom £790.00
Cobalt chrome metal dentureFrom £1,250.00
Flexible plastic dentureFrom £990.00
Full acrylic denture£900.00
Bridge£800 per unit
Implant (includes crown)£2750
Gum replacement filling
Pink filling – used to replace receding gumsFrom £100
Gum disease
Full gum rehabilitation and disinfection (2 full sessions)£345 per session
Gum surgery
Crown lengthening£250.00
Gum re-contouring£400.00
Gum depigmentation£500.00
Tooth alignment
InvisalignFrom £2000
Composite BondingFrom £249 per tooth
Ortho retainer (fixed or removable)£250
Nervous patients
Conscious sedation£250 per hour
Facial aesthetics (Fillers and BTX)
BTX full upper face£300.00
Dermal fillers£175 per syringe
Dissolving Filler (Hyalase)£300.00
Tooth sensitivity
Desensitisation therapy including trays£190.00
Grinding and/or clenching
Michigan splint£600.00
Re-cement crown£95.00
Repair of denture£175.00
Addition of tooth to dentureFrom £150
Snoring appliance£690.00
Study models£50.00
Shade taken at the laboratory£70.00
Teeth whitening
Home whitening with bleaching trays – Enlighten£495
Home whitening with bleaching trays – Polanight£345
**In surgery + home whitening – Enlighten£595
Refill syringe enlighten£50
Refill syringe polanight£20
White spot removal (ICON) each arch£300
Laser Whitening per 1 hour session£350
Laser dentistry
Price per applicationfrom £250
Implant Dentistry
Bone graftfrom £750
Single restored implantfrom £2400
Block graftfrom £1100
Lateral sinus liftfrom £1075
Pontic on implant bridgefrom £600
Full arches immediatefrom £16000
Delayed full archesfrom £12000
Implant retained denturesfrom £5000
Composite Bonding
Composite Bondingfrom £249 per tooth

*Children under the age of 18 get free check ups and 50% of all dental treatments. In order to qualify the child’s parent must be registered and have received an examination/treatment at the clinic.
**In surgery enlighten whitening is not available on its own. Only sold with home kit whitening.

Our price is fully inclusive of all treatment and aftercare. You will receive a one year guarantee on our work as we trust we deliver high quality service. Any extended guarantee can be discussed directly with your dentist.

We have practice plan that you can benefit from if you like to spread out the cost. We also accept Denplan patients at our practice.

We have an after-care plan, where you can purchase extended insurance on the work carried out which is unique to our clinic.

Contact our lovely receptionist if you have any further queries 

Facial Aesthetics Fees

Non-Surgical TreatmentsProcedures carried out by doctor and supervision
Treatment Modality
Non-surgical treatment consultation£50 (goes towards treatment)
Morpheus 8
Full Face & Neck1 session £650
3 x sessions package £1500 (save £450)
Eyes, Nose, Delicate Areas1 session £650
3 x sessions package £1500 (save £450)
Acne Scarring1 session £650
3 x sessions package £1500 (save £450)
Decolletage or Knees1 session £850
3 x sessions package £2100 (save £450)
Body1 session £900
3 x sessions package £2250 (save £450)
Anti Wrinkle Treatment & BTX
1 area£150
2 areas£300
3 areas£300 (third area free)
Excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis)£450
Neck bands (Platysma) – BTX£350
Dermal Fillers
One lip£200
Upper and lower lips£300
Heart lips£500
Cheek fillers£500
Jawline reshaping (jawline contouring)£600
Dissolving Filler (Hyalase)£300
Non-Surgical Face Lift
3 x Morpheus 8 full face sessions (3 x Perfect peel session & 1 session of Morpheus 8)£2850 (save £200)
Advanced Acne Scars Treatment
Morpheus 8 and Perfect peel (3 x Perfect peel sessions & 1 session of Morpheus 8)£1400 (save £200)
1 session£350
2 x sessions package£650 (save £50)
3 x sessions package£950 (save 100)
Non Surgical Nose Job (rhinoplasty)
1 session and touch upfrom £550
Chemical Skin Peel
1 session of Perfect Peel£250
3 x sessions of Perfect Peel£650 (save £100)
1 session full face£200
3 x sessions package£500 (save £100)
Vampire Facial (PRGF – PRP)
1 session£500 per session
2 x sessions package£800 (save £200)
Thread Lifting
Relife threads (latest technology)£600
Advanced Diolaze XL (laser hair removal)
Number of sessions per application after consultation£300 per session
Excessive Underarm Sweat Reduction – BTX£450 for both underarms
Neck Bands (Platysma) – BTX£350
Hydrobooster – Definisse£250 per session
Dark Circles Treatment
Between 2 to 3 sessions for removing dark circles£250 per session
Hair Loss Therapy
3 x sessions of PRP hair loss therapy£1300
Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injection
Under the Chin£150
Body£250 per area
Surgical TreatmentsProcedures carried out by plastic surgeon
Plastic Surgeon Consultation£120
Removal of Skin Lesions
Shaves excision benign skin lesion (single lesion)£450
Removal of Skin Lesions, moles, cysts, lipomas, foreign bodies and skin biopsy (single lesion)*£600
Each additional lesion removal at the same appointment£300
Debridement and suture of superficial wounds£600
Scar Revision
Scar revision price may vary according to nature, size and location of lesion/cyst. Exact price will be clearly stated after the consultation and assessment.from £600
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)From £3000 to £6000 depending on the complexity of the case
Keloid Scar Shrinking Injections£200
Keloid Scar Surgical Removalfrom £1000
Doctor Prescribed ProductsZO Obagi Skin Health
ZO Obagi Skin Health Sunscreen£60
ZO Obagi Skin Health Hydrating Cream£80
ZO Obagi Skin Health Retinol£90

*Including moles, epidermal (sebaceous) cysts, lipomas, papillomas, basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas & foreign bodies

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