Our contribution

Dr Saeid Haghri & Dr Sundeep Rooprai set up Dental Camp in Malawi

On 22 August 2015 we set off on a 30 hours journey from home town London to Malawi.

We arrived at Machinga which is a town near Zomba 6 hours’ drive from the capital Lilongwe.

Our national charity Make a Dentist is the organiser of all our activities in Africa which range from setting up educational conferences in the UK to help continual professional development of young dentists to collecting goods nationwide and shipment of these to Africa.

Throughout our stay at Malawi we treatment many patients free of charge, however we must point out that Dental Officers that work in Malawi who are clinical dentist with 3 years of training are brilliant in treating the locals.

We also carried out random screening to assess the level of tooth related disease and treatment need by locals which we hope will be helpful to compare to the dental treatment need in the UK and give us an indication of the difference between two countries with regards to dental treatment need.

We love Malawians, they are wonderful people and very welcoming and will be visiting again.